Shipping Quote Request

We return quotes during business hours, Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:45pm.

Quotes are not instantaneous, as we utilize a courier broker to get the best pricing for you.

Shipments must be ready for quoted, packed and paid by 1:00pm for same-day pickup. There are other special arrangements that can be made which affect the cost of your shipment.
We will email your quote to the shipper’s email address, with instructions for payment (Credit Card via Stripe payment gateway).
Once payment is complete, we email a PDF of the shipping label which needs to be printed by you and affixed to your package – you can use tape, or a sticky-pack ‘shipping window’ if you have that available. Ensure the label is visible and easily scanned – no wrinkles. We cannot make shipping arrangements remotely if you do not have access to a printer. An alternative would be to have the label printed elsewhere, and select the option to drop off a package at the closest location for the courier (as we typically use Canpar, visit for drop-off locations nearest you).

We always bill the shipper, including any customs and additional charges such as shipping to a residential address or any carrier adjustments because of incomplete or incorrect package information (size & weight).

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