A company that operates as one unit and has one physical mailing address, but the company does not exist in one specific location would be considered to have a virtual office. Tools like video chat, various customer relationship management and task management software means any company can have a virtual office.

While there are many benefits for a company to have home-based employees, there is a necessity for a central mailing address or physical location. The Clever Office is your mailing address and physical location – You work from your vehicle, hotel or home, and you always have an office to go to when necessary for meetings or an alternate space to harness your focus.

Our coworking environment is a gathering of like-minded individuals whose life and career goals are congruent. We value business development, personal development, health and wellness, mentoring relationships, and opportunity. Who works here? Freelancers, remote employees, home-based staff, independent skilled trades businesses and construction contractors, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, and so much more.

Everyone’s mail is received and processed at our address at 220-1 First St, Collingwood. The Clever Office may sort and courier all mail to specific people, scan-to-email, or open & process tasks, like cheque receipt entry into Quickbooks Online and then process a bank deposit.

We are set up for success – our work flow includes papers, electronic information, and often two or three others to coordinate with. This very information-heavy workload is handled by the right tools, exclusively QuickBooks Online and our Client Relationship & Task Management system.

Anywhere you are The Clever Office is there.
Virtual Office Features:

  • Address: Use Our address
  • Get Scan to Email Mail Scanning
  • Registered Office Address, Mail Management.
  • Virtual Reception: Anywhere Local or Toll Free Phone Number, Call Forwarding, Auto-Attendant, Live-Answer Virtual Reception.
  • Bookkeeping: We handle estimate sending, invoicing, receipt entries, all your government remittances CRA, HST, WSIB, and even Human Resources processes like Payroll.
  • Administration: Data collection and reporting, document editing, proof reading, and other administrative processes.
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