Home-based or travelling professionals looking for office space can save themselves time and money by joining The Clever Office.

Co-owned by Rhea Burns and her daughter Stephanie (Stefanie) McManus, The Clever Office is a coworking office space with a little something for everyone. Private office spaces, a coworking space, meeting rooms, and even private phone booths are available whenever you need them.

The business people who use the space include a mortgage agent, restauranteur, lawyers, publishers, corporate professionals, programmers, graphic designers and many other professionals. The meeting spaces have hosted board meetings, legal arbitration, employee interviews and more.

“We also help our clientele network and connect,” says Rhea. “Using our space also provides a social interaction for those who do most of their work at home.”

Professional Services

The Clever Office opened its doors in downtown Collingwood in 2015, becoming the town’s first coworking office space. It has since developed a core group of clients and expanded both its space and services.

Even if you don’t use of the office spaces, you can still access their services, including administrative services, bookkeeping, reception, mailbox rental, phone answering and business card scanning.

Through Google Calendars,email notices and other pertinent forms of communication, The Clever Office team keeps their space and services running smoothly.

“It makes a lot of sense to use our services,” says Rhea. “Our clients are only charged for what services they use. We provide a cost-efficient way to raise the professional profile of your business.”

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Published On: October 1st, 2018 / Categories: News, The Clever Office /

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