#1 – All Things Clickable

“My fat fingers accidently clicked the mute button”
“My thumbs are too big to click this link!”
“I’m so frustrated with this app, the area to click is too small”

Listening to what people say about their devices exemplifies the struggles that most people face when integrating with the digital age. The majority of humans that are alive today DID NOT GROW UP with anything remotely close to the technology that is available. There are many many people on this planet who haven’t even touched a smart phone, let alone a computer keyboard.

Not everybody knows what a ‘Hamburger Menu’ is (do you?)… That is, a hamburgrer menu is the three horizontal lines that represent the option to open a menu.


While working to build a website, design first for your end-user, and your ideal client. If your ideal client is tech-savvy, it’s likely only those people will even find you. If your ideal clients are:

Nearly computer illiterate and struggling to learn and understand technology overall,
A mature audience that grew up chewing fresh tar when road crews were doing repairs

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