Before choosing your office space, you may want to get a better understanding of what it is like working at The Clever Office which is why I am here to bring you along for the day!

I start my day by driving over to the office. While driving I pass by the Starbucks close by, however I am already late for work, so I decide to skip my morning coffee. Once I get to the office I am welcomed by the warm staff and pleased to see the office has a complimentary coffee and bagel station set up, how could I pass up that opportunity! This is just one of the perks of working at The Clever Office!

Now, I’ll find my office for the day and start getting set up. The kind staff check-up on me to take care of any garbage in my office so everything stays tidy and clean while I work. I feel so comfortable working in such a quiet and warm environment that I end up getting a lot of my work done.

I think it’s time for a break, so I head out for a bit to explore around town. I get myself some lunch at Freshii on the first floor of the building, and walk over to a bench overlooking Georgian Bay to eat by the water and enjoy the beautiful view.

After clearing my head, I decide to walk back to The Clever Office and get back to work. I have a couple calls today so I head over to the Phone booth for some privacy and silence while I complete my calls for the day. Once I finish my work I get packed up and say my goodbyes to the kind staff.

I’ve been on a tight schedule recently and realize I forgot I have no groceries left, so I drive over to Loblaws across the street from the office and pick up some groceries. I also decided to stop by LCBO because it was on my way out. I noticed there was a gym nearby which is good to know for the next time I rent!

Thanks to The Clever Office, I had a very productive and successful day. I got all my work done, while also enjoying myself. The staff were so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable in their space. I will definitely be renting again.

Photo of Side Launch walkway near The Clever Office

Take a walk down the side launch, just behind the Clever Office’s building.

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