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Virtual Reception
Live. Comprehensive. Canadian

$142 Monthly
+$45 One-Time Set-Up Fee

A dedicated team to answer your calls seamlessly on your behalf. Our receptionists are fully integrated with your business, and play 100% as your co-worker to drive your business forward.

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Up to Date. Planning. Preparation

$250 Monthly Plan
+$200 One-Time Set-Up Fee

Your financial data recorded, accurate and compliant. With the monthly plan, you know exactly what your budget is for bookkeeping services on a month-to-month basis whether organizing your books takes 4 hours or 10 hours each month.

*Quickbooks Online Subscription Included!
We use Quickbooks Online as it is more effective when working together, for cloud security and back-up.

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Virtual Office.
Tech Savvy. Professional. Clever

$28 Per Hour
Monthly Billing Available

Our team of Clever Humans have 50+ years of experience combined in providing high-quality technical assistance and corporate administrative support with a focus on your success and well-being.

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Virtual Office
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Pick Up. Send. Receive

$180 Annually

Get notifications by email when you receive mail or courier packages. Your clients can drop off as well as pick-up documents and packages from/to you at our Collingwood location.

Request redirection of mail and packages to another address.

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Stefanie McManus

Your Tech-Savvy Support

Let Us Help You Leap Ahead

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

(705) 532-1144

Services À La Carte

Let us prepare your courier shipment.

From and To anywhere!

Fill out the form by clicking the Shipping Quote Request button below, and we will respond with a quote during business hours Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

You can call us as well! 705-532-1144.

Shipping Quote Request

You need help to host your Zoom Meetings – including recording and other features!

We handle the technical aspects, use our Zoom Account or yours to assist with hosting and managing Zoom meetings.

We handle Digital Black and White Printing or Colour Printing, up to 11×17″ paper, from our office in Collingwood, Ontario.

Our fees are a fixed rate for colour or black and white copies, we select the best paper for your project to have a professional presentation.

Do you want to take up your valuable time with figuring out how to make your file print properly? Many of our clients are skilled lawyers, accountants, reiki therapists, and builders… Excel spreadsheets are NOT their strong suit! Clever business people use our computer savvy skillset to help them out…

Send an email with your files prior to printing and we make sure they are set-up properly and will print correctly.

Sample Pricing:
$0.0855 per Impression, Black and White, on 20lb Paper
$0.27 per Impression, Colour, on 20lb Paper

PS. Are your files too large to send by email, and you are receiving errors? Try a file sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Need a fax number for your business or personal use?

Connect with us to set up your account to start using our fax number. All incoming faxes are received via email, which we forward to the email address you specify.

Will you receive faxes that need to be delegated to your other team members? Just let us know how to sort your incoming faxes, and we’ll help you free your time by handling sorting and delegating.

Scan your documents, photos, business cards, receipts. 

Are you close to Collingwood? Sign your paperwork and we will scan and email your documents. 

We’ll get a toll free number for your customers to use! Doesn’t mean it’s toll-free for you, on top of the $19.75 per month, you pay $0.04 per minute.

We handle the technical stuff, including Auto Attendant set-up,

Need a Business Number or additional Business phone number for a new area code? We’ll get the number for you, set it up, and route calls to your existing number. That could be your cell phone/landline, or your business number with The Clever Office if you have Monthly Virtual Reception Services.

We handle the technical stuff, including Auto Attendant set-up,

When you get a Local, Out-of-Province, or Toll-Free phone number with The Clever Office, we set up an Auto Attendant on your request (“Dial 1 for…, Dial 2 for…”).

We handle the technical stuff.

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How Doves Inspire Us

"He was a warrior to the end. He refused to give up-something that was in his nature his whole life."

How Doves Inspire Us

"He was a warrior to the end. He refused to give up-something that was in his nature his whole life."

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